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The Jellicle Jubilee

by Dax

("Jellicle cats, can you see it?")
The sun has set and the Jellicle moon is rising high,
its glittering train arcing across the darkening sky.
Velvet shadows in the alley begin a playful pantomime
as Jellicle cats become aware of an atmosphere turned sublime.

("Jellicle cats, can you hear it?")
As dusk becomes night, a silvery adagio begins to alight.
Scintillating notes of a chord sung from the starry light,
stirring an expectant air full of subtle harmony
growing with the indigo night to a rousing symphony!

("Jellicle cats, can you feel it?")
The rhythm within twilight's lengthening shadows,
beyond the dimming half-light a beating cadence follows,
a tingling thrill of a new and wondrous lyric mystery
beckoning the grace that blossoms into a dancefilled revelry!

Yes we can see! The oncoming night colouring our sight
and we'll play with moonlimned shadows tonight!
Yes we can hear! The musical strains that begin a plangent tune
and we'll join in with our own serenades to the moon!
Yes we can feel! This tingling wondrous lyric mystery
and we'll dance for joy in this, the JELLICLE JUBILEE!

We'll be jigging in the alley to a synchronous flight,
and singing from the rooftops to the celestial heights,
for Jellicle cats sing the Noctis Gloria
and dance with abandon to a wild euphoria.
We're Jellicle cats through and through
and (as you know) Jellicles can and do.
Jellicle cats gather tonight in grand pageantry
to celebrate a Jellicle night in the JELLICLE JUBILEE!

Download The Jellicle Jubilee Music ~ *Composed by Stratyon.

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