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Broadway CATS ~ Forever In Our Hearts

~By MsJellicle~

October 7th, 1982
Something on Broadway began to sweep through.
Sold out performances of this show so new
This show about Cats and how Jellicles do!

This phenomenon shook up Broadway
The cats were here, and were here to stay!
People eagerly waited for the joyful day
They could watch each cat have it's special say.

Some said it was silly, some said it was fine,
Others began to see it as a sign
By the time the show had reached year nine,
They knew it would surpass 'A Chorus Line'!

The performers worked hard, and did their best each show
As Grizabella each night, to the Heaviside she'll go.
The energy ran high and never went below
The expectations of the fans who's faces were algow.

Mistoffelees created eccentric prestigitations
That fired up our vivid imaginations!
One year passed, then two, five, ten!
Will this wonder show never see it's end?

The fans joyfully say "No!"
"We'll forever love this show!"
Imagine their delight, their faces nearly glow!
When it was announced that there will be a video!

The show went on for eighteen years!
Then RUG confirmed everyones fears.
The time had come admist sorrowful jeers,
To say goodbye with heartfelt tears.

Though fans protested through silent screams,
They had to accept the concurrent themes.
September 10th, 2000 it seems
Will see the end of all CATS dreams.

This beautiful expression of performing arts,
Had leveled out it's attendance charts.
From The Winter Garden Theatre, CATS departs,
Yet, the show will go on....forever in our hearts.


O where are all the children
Who's antics entertains?
They've all gone to London
For that's where CATS remains!


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