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Issue 2a -------- The Oddball Times-------- Sept. 28, 2000

Minnie Mouse Afraid of Mystery Attacker!

ORLANDO, FLA - Our investigative reporter, Baba Waters, tracked Minnie Mouse down for a one on one interview about the unusual happenings in Disney World of late.

Baba: I understand that Mickey isn't the only one who has reason to fear.

Minnie: Yes

Baba: Can you tell me about it?

Minnie: Well, I had just finished visiting with some lovely little boys and girls. They are such darlings. Anyways, I was headed back to my room using one of the by-streets when I heard a crash behind me! I was so startled, I screamed! But...when I turned around to look who made the crash....there was no one there.

Baba: Was that the only time? You heard nothing else?

Minnie: No. It had happened a couple of other times that day as well. By the end of the day, my nerves were on end! But the last time....the last time I heard someone was like nothing I'd ever heard before. Oh I do hope they find this fiend and catch him soon!

Baba: Thank you, Minnie. And I'm sure the authorities are doing the best they can.

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Disclaimer: This is not a real news report. It was made only in fun and was meant to be taken that way. In no way should this article be taken seriously.