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Issue 2b -------- The Oddball Times-------- Sept. 28, 2000

Lady and the Tramp Startled by Feline

ORLANDO, FLA - In an odd coincedence to the happenings of late in the Disney Kingdom, Lady and the Tramp have been seen to have their gazes looking at the ground quite often. After repeated questions, they finally admitted the embarassing truth that they have been fearful as well. Usually not ones to be afraid of cats, they said they've come across a formidable black one with red eyes.

"We've never seen anything fiercer or...or hairier," Lady told us. Tramp nodded his head in agreement and added this comment, "He jumped up out of nowhere and opened his jaws as if to yawn or to bite...I'm not sure which, but Lady and I didn't stick around to find out what he wanted."

When asked if this could be the one who was stalking Mickey and Minnie, the two dogs shook their heads. "The one stalking them can never be seen. This one didn't seem to care if he was seen or not. In fact, he almost seemed to desire attention, rather than forego it."

So the mystery continues.....

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Disclaimer: This is not a real news report. It was made only in fun and was meant to be taken that way. In no way should this article be taken seriously.