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Issue 4 -------- The Oddball Times-------- Sept. 30, 2000

Hidden Paw Revealed!

ORLANDO, FLA - Our investigators have finally done it! They've uncovered the Hidden Paw! The one who had been stalking and scaring Mickey and Minnie Mouse has been found out! And he has turned out to be none other than Macavity, the Mystery Cat!

It seems that the infamous Macavity from the Broadway CATS had to go somewhere after the show closed and he had decided to make his home right here in Orlando, Florida. I was approached by the Great Rumpus Cat after yesterday's news article had come out. RC, as he asked us to call him, shot up through the floor of my office (Don't ask me how he did this. When I asked, all he told me was "you never know where a startrap may be".) He then mentioned that he could lead me to the Napoleon of Crime only after I promised not to reveal his location to anyone. I agreed and soon found myself standing in the same room as the Hidden Paw.

He was lounging on a couch. His long, ginger body relaxed as he answered my questions with surprising patience.

Me: What brought you here to Disneyworld?

Macavity: An airplane.

Me: But why here? You could have gone anywhere.

Macavity: Why not here? Keith Wilson! Now that you've finished performing in the longest running Broadway musical ever, Where are you going to go? Keith: I'm going to Disneyworld!

Me: Do you have family here?

Macavity: Do I need family here?

Me: Have you been here before?

Macavity: If I have, no one would know unless I told them.

Me: Will you tell me?

Macavity: No.

Me: Okay. So, what did you do before CATS?

Macavity: I travelled with Dolly, took a wonderful cruise, and visited Hamburg.

Me: What are you going to do now that CATS on Broadway is closed and you don't have the other Jellicles to torment anymore?

Macavity: (He smiled...believe DON'T want to see him smile!)

Me: Were you stalking Mickie and Minnie?

Macavity: I was busy doing complicated long division sums at that time.

Me: I see.

At this point, I had glanced down at my notes, frankly in awe and nervousness around him. He seemed to be repectable enough, yet I knew he was quite notorious. When I looked up to ask my next question....Macavity wasn't there.

So there you have it, folks. After a week of uncertainties, we have uncovered what turns out to be.....more uncertainties...but at least we know who it must have been.....even if he's a mile away!

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Disclaimer: This is not a real news report. It was made only in fun and was meant to be taken that way. In no way should this article be taken seriously.