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Blue Brigade

Hero Cards

Card TitleCard AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Abiezer7/3~Hero is immune to Crimson Brigade.WarriorsUncommon$.50
Claudia5/5~Claudia may band with any male Hero from the New Testament each turn.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Ira8/8~All special abilities on character cards and enhancement cards except this one are interrupted and prevented. Battle is determined by the numbers.WarriorsRare$3.75
Mary Magdalene7/6~Character is immune from all demon Evil Characters and enhancement cards connected with demons.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Sarah8/5Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Warrior in Training4/4~This Hero decreases1/1 each time he enters battle. The turn after reaching 1/1 he increases to 10/10 until discard.WarriorsUncommon$1.00

Hero Enhancement Cards

Card TitleCard AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Balm of GileadHeal any Hero from the Blue Brigade that is being discarded.RedemptionRare$1.50
CourageHolder may add an additional Hero from his territory to the battle.WarriorsUncommon$.50
Drawn Sword3/2ProphetsCommon$.25
Drawn WaterSet Hero aside for the number of turns equal to the number of Evil Characters one opponent has in play. Hero returns with abilities increased by that amount.Women of the BibleUncommon$.50
Ehud's Dagger2/2~The effect of the last enhancement card played in current battle is interrupted and prevented.WarriorsRare$2.00
Faith of Abraham2/2RedemptionCommon$.25
Helmet of Brass3/4~Worth 6/8 if played against Crimson Brigade.WarriorsCommon$.25
Iron PanSet Hero aside. Hero gains 1/1 for every turn Hero mourns.ProphetsUncommon$.50
Lamenting for Jepthah's DaughterSet aside any two female Heroes from holder's territory for 4 turns to allow each to choose the next Evil Character they will meet in battle.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Laughter1/1~Hero is immune to all Evil Brigades except Gold and Pale Green until end of turn.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
The Long Day2/1~If holder's rescue attempt this turn fails, holder may make a second rescue attempt this turn.WarriorsRare$2.75
Measuring Line3/2ProphetsCommon$.25
Obedience of Noah1/1Holder may choose the Evil Character that his opponent uses to block his rescue attempt.RedemptionUncommon$1.25
Put to Flight4/2~All banding of Evil Characters is prevented and/or negated for remainder of battle.WarriorsRare$2.25
Resurrection4/2~Select one Hero from your Potter's Field and place in your territory, hand, or battle.WarriorsCommon$.25
Rod of Iron2/1RedemptionUncommon$.50
Rod of Iron4/2~Discard one Evil Character from each opponent's territory or set aside area.WarriorsUncommon$.50
StillnessHero may withdraw from battle unharmed. All enhancement cards played may be returned to the player's hand except this one.Redemption (Promo)Rare$4.00
Truthfulness of Nathan2/2RedemptionCommon$.25
Wall of Water3/2~Interrupt the current battle to give all Heroes not in the Field of Battle protection from dammage this turn.WarriorsCommon$.25