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Crimson Brigade

Evil Characters

Card TitleSpecial AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Babylon the Great7/2WarriorsCommon$.25
Fallen Angel6/8~May band with any non-human Evil Character.WarriorsUncommon$.50
Gomer3/3~Character may band with any nale Evil Character each turn.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Ishbibenob8/10~May band with Goliath or Saph (not both).WarriorsUncommon$1.00
Judas Iscariot6/6RedemptionUncommon$.75
Prophets of Baal6/7RedemptionUncommon$1.00
Red Dragon10/10RedemptionRare$5.00
Red Dragon5/6~Character is immune to all Human Heroes unless hero uses Blood of the Lamb.WarriorsUncommon$1.00
Sapphira6/8~All special abilities on Character cards and enhancement cards except this one are negated and prevented. Battle is determined by the numbers.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Stone Throwers6/6RedemptionUncommon$.75
Whore of Babylon8/8RedemptionRare$3.50

Evil Enhancements

Card TitleSpecial AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Baal WorshipEvil Characters may not repent this turn.ProphetsCommon$.25
Chariots of Iron2/2RedemptionCommon$.25
Covenant with DeathSet Evil Character aside. Character gains 1/1 for every turn Character is set aside.ProphetsCommon$.25
Deceit of SapphiraDiscard all cards in the Field of Battle including yours.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
First Figs1/4ProphetsCommon$.25
Fiery Darts2/2RedemptionCommon$.25
Four HornsNo good banding cards can be played this turn. Any currently in play are discarded.ProphetsUncommon$.50
Glittering Spear3/4WarriorsCommon$.25
Mask of Vanity0/3~Each opponent must discard one unoccupied site. If this causes the rescuer to lose access, rescue attempt fails.WarriorsCommon$.25
Mask of WorldlinessEvil Character may use evil enhancements from any brigade color until end of battle.WarriorsRare$3.25
Number of the Beast2/4~Convert one Cold Brigade Hero who is not a prophet to a Gray Brigade Evil Character.WarriorsUncommon$.50
Tormentors1/1~All evil enhancements with abilities of less than 3/3 are worth triple their face value until end of battle.WarriorsCommon$.25
Treachery of Jezebel2/1~The effect of the last enhancement card played in current battle may be interrupted and it's effect is either prevented or redirected to the Hero of your choice.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Viper Bite2/3~Selected Hero is poisoned and decreases 0/2 per turn. If Hero reaches */0 or less, discard Hero.WarriorsCommon$.25
Weeping for Tammuz2/3ProphetsCommon$.25