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This site is just starting out. I'll work on it slowly due to limited time but will try to update it when I can. Right now, the lists of cards below are all cards which I have (I'm willing to trade or sell once I've got this site a bit more organized). They are not a complete list of all cards available for the Redemption game. I'll eventually get them all listed however. For now, you can go to the Redemption official site at for a complete list.

Last Updated on 12/21/00

Complete List

Cards Listed By Brigade:

Hero Brigades

Other Cards

Evil Brigades

Cards sorted by Availability:

Other pages coming soon as well: Game Forum, Cards sorted by Heroes and Enhancements, Cards sorted by Booster Packs, Game Rules, and I'll look into making this page better appealing to the eyes later.

Below is a link to a temporary forum to discuss the Redemption card game. It may or may not be used as a forum to try to play the game online.