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Redemption Cards

Lost Souls

Card TitleCard AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Lost Soul (Ephesians 5:14)---RedemptionCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Ezekial 13:18)---Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Ezekial 31:14)When this Lost Soul is rescued, all other Lost Soul cards not held in Sites are shuffled into each player's own draw pile.WarriorsUncommon$1.00
Lost Soul (Ezekial 34:12)---RedemptionCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Ezekial 34:16)---WarriorsCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Ezekial 36:19)---RedemptionUncommon$.25
Lost Soul (Isaiah 42:7)---RedemptionUncommon$.25
Lost Soul (Jeremiah 7:18)This Lost Soul may only be rescued by a female Hero or the Son of God.Women of the BibleUncommon$.50
Lost Soul (Jeremiah 50:6)---WarriorsCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Job 33:27-28)---RedemptionCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Luke 13:25)---RedemptionUncommon$.25
Lost Soul (Luke 15:6)---RedemptionCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Luke 19:10)---WarriorsCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Proverbs 7:27)---Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Lost Soul (Psalm 1:4)This Lost Soul may be held captive in a Site currently occupied by another Lost Soul.WarriorsUncommon$1.00
Lost Soul (II Timothy 2:26)---RedemptionCommon$.25
Lost Soul (II Timoth 3:6-7)---RedemptionCommon$.25
Lost Souls (Probverbs 22:14)This card counts as two Lost Souls. It must be rescued twice.RedemptionUltra-Rare$4.00