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Pale Green Brigade

Evil Characters

Card TitleSpecial AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Absalom6/7~May band with Shimei or Ahithophel (not both).WarriorsUncommon$.75
Beast from the Sea10/10RedemptionRare$5.00
Beast from the Sea6/6~Character may band to one demon or beast.WarriorsRare$3.00
Death and Hades8/8~Reduce opponent's hand to 7 cards until this character is discarded (or 9 cards if rescuer has Tables of the Law activated).WarriorsRare$4.00
Frog Demons8/8~Evil Character is immune to Purple Brigade.WarriorsCommon$.25
Prince of Persia6/6~The Angel of the lord has no effect on this card unless Daniel is in the Field of Battle.ProphetsRare$3.00
Prince of this World10/12~Character is immune to lone Heroes. Only a rescue attempt of 2 or more Heroes can be successful.WarriorsRare$4.00
Witch of Endor8/7ProphetsRare$3.00
Witch of Endor7/8~Convert the Hero Saul to an Evil Character in the Brigade color of your choice.WarriorsCommon$.25
Women as Snares6/7~When using this Character to block, take prisoner all male Evil Characters of one opponent and place them in your Land of Bondage. They are treated as Lost Souls.Women of the BibleUncommon$.50
Workers with Familiar Spirits4/4ProphetsUncommon$.50

Evil Enhancements

Card TitleSpecial AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Ashtaroth Worship (Hodgson Version)3/3ProphetsUncommon$.50
Carelessness0/6~Holder may interrupt the battle and redirect special abilities of female Heroes and any enhancement cards played with female Heroes currently in the Field of Battle.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Chariots of the Sun 2/2RedemptionCommon$.25
ConfusionOwner may look through one opponent's draw pile, discard one card and shuffle remaining cards.ProphetsRare$2.25
Darkness2/0~Evil Character ignores Blue Brigade.RedemptionUncommon$1.00
DarknessAll Heroes in battle lose their way and withdraw. Opponent must present a new Hero or rescue attempt fails.WarriorsUncommon$.50
Filthy GarmentsSelected Heroe's abilities decreas 4/4 for remainder of turn.ProphetsUncommon$.75
Foolishness of Five Virgins3/5~Holder may interrupt the battle and set aside all female Heroes in the Field of Battle for 5 turns, then return them to their owner's territory.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Land Made Waste2/3~Each opponent must discard one unoccupied site. If this causes the resuer to lose access, rescue attempt fails.WarriorsCommon$.25
Large TreeSet Evil Character aside. Character gains 1/1 for every turn it is set aside.ProphetsRare$1.75
Leprosy2/3~Selected Hero decreases 0/2 per turn. If Hero reaches */0 or less, discard Hero. Then Leprosy is placed on another Hero in that territory and continues.WarriorsCommon$.25
Lying in Wait2/2~Take an Evil Character from your hand and place it face down on an occupied site. A rescue attempt at that site allows the character to band into battle.WarriorsUncommon$.75
Mist1/3~Randomly select and discard one card from each player's hand.WarriorsUncommon$.50
RageTwo Evil Characters of 6/6 or less may band together.RedemptionRare$2.50
Strange Vine2/4ProphetsCommon$.25
Torn MantleNo good banding cards can be played this turn. Any currently in play are discarded.ProphetsRare$2.25
TowerSet Evil Character aside for 6 turns. Character returns able to interrupt and prevent all special abilities on character cards including The Strong Angel.WarriorsRare$3.50