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Redemption Cards

Hero Cards

Card TitleCard AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Elhanan10/10 Discard Goliath's Brother.WarriorsRare$4.00
Ittai8/4 Ittai may use any enhancement bearing David's name in the card title.WarriorsCommon$.25
Jairus' Daughter4/3 The first time this Character is defeated, she is healed. Return to owner's territory with abilities increased 2/2.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Jochabed4/7 Character ignores all Egyptian Evil Characters and Enhancement cards played with them.ProphetsCommon$.25
John the Baptist7/4ProphetsUncommon$.75
Lydia5/4 Lydia cannot be taken prisoner.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Maharai6/2 May band with any Hero in the Blue Brigade.WarriorsUncommon$.50
Philip's Daughters5/4ProphetsUncommon$.50

Hero Enhancement Cards

Card TitleCard AbilitiesFrom Booster Pack:Card AvailabilityCurrent Value
Angel Food3/3RedemptionCommon$.25
Answered Prayer*/* Selected Hero (until discarded) gains 7 bility points to be distributed as holder chooses. Distribution must be announced when played.WarriorsUncommon$1.00
Blood of the Lamb2/2 Discard any demon of beast.WarriorsRare$2.75
Bravery of Pricilla2/1 Interrupt the current battle to give all Heroes not in the Field of Battle protection from damage this turn.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Charred VineSet Hero aside for five turns. On turn six Hero returns with abilites increasted 7/7.ProphetsRare$3.00
Compassion of Jeremiah1/1 Hero ignores Red Brigade.RedemptionUncommon$.75
Devotion of Ruth1/1 Hero ignores Gray Brigade.RedemptionUncommon$.50
Floating Axehead3/2ProphetsCommon$.25
Forgiveness of Joseph2/2RedemptionCommon$.25
Mountain of God4/2ProphetsCommon$.25
PraisesAll White Brigade Heroes in Holder's territory must join the battle.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Purity of Enoch2/2RedemptionCommon$.25
Redemption2/2 Return any Hero being treated as a Lost Soul or as an Evil Character to your hand and treat as a Hero. Does not count as a rescue.WarriorsCommon$.25
Scarlet LineFemale Heroes cannot be blocked by a male Evil Character this battle.Women of the BibleCommon$.25
Submissiveness of Mary1/1 Hero ignores Green Brigade.RedemptionUncommon$.50
Wall of Fire2/2 Black Brigade and Pale Green Brigade characters have no effect on current rescue attempt.ProphetsUncommon$.50
Words of Encouragement4/3 Holder may interrupt the battle, draw 3 cards from the top of own draw pile, and play the next enhancement card.WarriorsRare$3.00